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working with CASCO standards

Which standards are used for conformity assessment?

CASCO has developed conformity assessment standards related to conformity assessment practices. These are referred to as the CASCO Toolbox and cover topics such as the operating of certification bodies, testing laboratories, marks of conformity, accreditation and the mutual recognition of conformity assessment results.

Learn more by consulting the full list of Conformity assessment standards developed by CASCO.

Understanding key elements

For some of the recently published conformity assessment standards, the experts of the working groups who developed them have created digital presentations that highlight the main elements of the document and show the differences with the former version. The slides can be used by anyone doing a presentation or simply to learn about the new standard. 

All presentations are available to download from the ISO server.

How to proceed when the requirements are not clear

CASCO has set up a clarification process. This clarification is done by the maintenance group responsible for the specific conformity assessment standards developed by CASCO and the clarification decision represents a consensus position on the intent of the working group. Clarifications cannot be considered as new requirements. These are considered for inclusion in the relevant standards only when they are revised. Until they are included in a standard they have no binding effect and are implemented at the discretion of interested parties.

All clarification requests that have been addressed are available here.

How to make a clarification request

The criteria for submitting a clarification request are explained in the CASCO clarification process [PDF]. If you fulfill the criteria and wish to proceed, please use the clarification request form [DOC].

Please note that clarification requests for standards developed by other ISO technical committees should be referred directly to the manager of the committee in question.

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Designed for standards developers, conformity assessment bodies and regulators, this online resource provides tools to support public policy.
Convenor mentoring programme
CASCO has been piloting a Mentorship Programme to support and encourage new Convenors/Co-Convenors to lead CASCO standardization work. A framework was designed and the pilot project started in September with the CASCO/WG57 revising ISO/IEC 17043. Further communication about the programme and its implementation …
Building trust - The Conformity Assessment Toolbox
A brochure covering all aspects of conformity assessment and its role in international trade.

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Conformity assessment presentation kit

A set of presentations composed of nine modules on conformity assessment, developed by experts from the ISO committee on conformity assessment, CASCO. They explain key aspects related to conformity assessment and are intended to be used by anyone who wishes to build on their knowledge of conformity assessment.

The slides are publicly available and can be used in whole or in part, and users may add their own images or graphics. It is not intended to be a comprehensive e-learning tool, though these modules serve as a valuable resource for creating your own presentations or learning materials. 

All nine presentation modules  are available to download from the ISO server.


CASCO annually holds workshops in conjunction with its plenary meetings. These workshops are designed to allow a fruitful exchange of experience and practice in the fields covered. All past presentations and related documents can be found here.

For more information on these workshops and how to get involved please contact

CASCO communiqués

CASCO has issued a number of important joint communiqués with regard to the transition to revised CASCO documents or to specifically address an important issue that requires clarification.

These are given here and can be accessed directly.

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